Curriculum Vitae


Art academy Constantijn Huygens, Kampen.
Kenyetta University, art department, Nairobi, Kenya
Internship with grant.
Ashland Academy of Art, Ashland , Oregon, VS
masters traditional Russian painting
with grant from “Scholingsfonds-kunst en cultuur”.


solo shows

“De Werkplaats” ,Borne
“Moira” , Utrecht
“Chiellerie”, Amsterdam
“Daad”, Doetichem
“Albina Air”,Meetfactory, Prague, Czech Republic
presentation of residence for 2 months for the one year project of WednesdayMeatloafday
“Lessedra “,gallery , Sofia, Bulgaria
“De Baak”, Noordwijk aan zee
“Chambre d’Amis”, Utrecht

collaboration projects :see : facebook: victoreninaentertainmentshow
art&work= with Victor Engbers

“Soft Landing”, installation for artlight tour Diepenheim with Victor Engbers
“Oranjebloesem”, blijburg, Amsterdam installation rocket
“Vrijland”, Blijburg, Amsterdam, installation rocket
“What could have been”, Van der Aafestival, Schipborg, installation
“Pluk de nacht”, Amsterdam , installation rocket

“the green man”, art&work installation and bar for festival”a day at the park”, Amsterdam
“Star fishing”, installation Into the great wide open, Vlieland
“Strangers in the light” lightsculpture,with Victor Engbers Amsterdam Light Festival, Amsterdam

“De Expeditie”,art&work Van Goghmuseum, Amsterdam
expedition performance museumavond
“Dinodoolhof”, Naturalis museum, Leiden
art&work museumnight performance installation
“Time to blossom”,art&work building gayprideboat for the city of Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Carte Blanche, gallery Valleggia, Amsterdam
Nieuw en Meer , Amsterdam
groepsexhibition nieuwe meer on invitation George Heidweiller
groupshow with Victor Engbers
Twente biennale , Wanderscape , installation with victor Engbers

LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects
solo exhibition

De Baak , Noordwijk aan Zee
solo exhibition
gallery Kurt im Hirsch, Berlin, Germany
chiellerie gallery, Amsterdam, Holland
exhibition project with Nora Adwan(Germany) and Barbara Hobot(Canada)

“Ar(t)cevia International Art show”
groupshow,Arcevia, Italy
“Art Factory”, Bialystok, Poland
artist in residence
sponsored by the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw
“Alea iacta est”, Bialystok, Poland
groupshow with all 6 residence artists
“Art Rotterdam South Tour”
foundation Bad,open studio and groupshow
“gallery 182a”, Rotterdam
“Bladenbal”, De Kring, Amsterdam
“Openbare werken”,Ruigoord
group show
“Swat”, Greylight Projects, Hoensbroek
Greylight Projects, show of project made with Nora Adwan

“the Banquet”,meetfactory, Prague ,CZ
finisage wednesday ,meatloafday project
“groeten uit Arnhem”Seed gallery,Winston-Salem,NC,USA
exhibition artists in residence Rotterdam
“Artist in residence”, foundation B.A.D. Rotterdam.
“Wednesday meatloafday”, Meetfactory ,Prague, Czech Republic
artist in residence, 1 month action-reaction project
sponsored by the Dutch Embassy in Prague.
“Sponsor expositie”, Amsterdam
paintings for the people who sponsored my study at Ashland Artschool,
Oregon, USA, 2008.
“H87” gallery, Arnhem
solo exhibition.
“Lftfld presents”, gallery De Veemvloer, Amsterdam
group exhibition based on publications in Lftfld magazine.
“Daddy touched my birdy”, gallery 182, Rotterdam
group exhibition.
“Bearman and Alice”, Kunsthuis Syb, Beesterswaag
making a play and props in cooperation with other artists.
“Openbare Werken”, Ruigoord/Amsterdam
performance and installation at exhibition about Ruigoord artists.
“MeBike”, Amsterdam,
a dreambike installation on MeKike festival on carless Sunday.

“Rabbit Master”, still-animation film, Rotterdam
i.a.w. Abner Preis, MoFa.
“Bladenbal”, De Kring, Amsterdam
exhibition and presentation Lftfld, ELF, Tablet and other magazines.

“15 minutes of fame”, Museumnight, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
group exhibition.
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, Amok userroom, Amsterdam
project and performance with the users.
“Atelierroute Almelo”, Almelo
one month workperiod and exhibition.
“Bladenbal”, De Kring, Amsterdam
presentation and exhibition Lftfld, ELF, Tablet and other magazines.
“Windkrachtfestival”, Zeeland
installation on group exhibition with the theme wind force.
“Pornofestival”, Amersfoort
group exhibition with as theme art and pornography.

“Me Bike”, Chiellerie, Amsterdam
group exhibition.
“Horsemove”, stichting Horsemove, Amsterdam
group exhibition.
“Nieuw werk”, Kunststichting Daad, Doetinchem
solo exhibition.
“Katapult”, de Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam
group exhibition.
“Bladenbal”, De Kring , Amsterdam
group exhibition and magazine presentation of Tablet, ELF, Lftfld a.o.
One month work period in New York, USA
exchange of studio and house with American artist.
Two months work period in Silves, Portugal
exchange of studio and house with Portuguese artist.

“Bladenbal”, De Kring, Amsterdam
exhibition and presentation Lftfld, ELF, Tablet and other magazines.
“Pulling a dead horse”, Venice, Italy
performance in the streets of Venice.
“Kroket”, Amsterdam
group exhibition.
“De Buurman”, Amsterdam
solo exhibition in café/restaurant De Buurman.
“Lftfld Art”, Chiellerie, Amsterdam
group exhibition artists from Lftfld magazine.
“Pupart”, Avro TV programma
making an installation for a TV art program.

“All I have”, Chiellerie, Amsterdam
solo exhibition.
“Estafette”, De Werkplaats, Borne
group exhibition.
“Kiosk”, Pact, Amsterdam
group exhibition.

“Overleven”, Maritime Museum, Rotterdam
group exhibition.
“Verbeeldingsindustrie”, Almelo
group exhibition.

“De zeven zonden”, De Werkplaats, Borne
solo exhibition and outdoor installation
with funding from the town Borne and the province of Overijssel.
“Windowlicker”, Artwalk Staatsliedenbuurt, Amsterdam
group exhibition.
“Urbanizer”, Architect agency, Utrecht
solo exhibition.

“[Z]onderstroom”, Moira gallery, Utrecht
solo exhibition.
“De Visite”, Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam
exhibition on invitation for Moira, Utrecht at Arti et Amicitae

“Reiservaringen”, Kunstpaleis Deventer
group exhibition.
“Club Cloaca”, Moira ,Utrecht
group exhibition.

“Pole position”, De Fabriek en Daglicht, Eindhoven
3 weeks working period with exhibition.
“In gebruik”, Langhuis, Zwolle
2 weeks working period with exhibition.
“De Kunstvlaai”, Amsterdam
exhibition on invitation from Kunstruimte, Kampen.
“Park of the future”, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
exhibition in honor of the 75 year existence of the Rietveld Academy.
“Young and new”, Kunstpaleis , Deventer
group exhibition.

Graduation show Artschool Constantijn Huygens, Kampen

“Wednesday Meatloafday”,Prague CZ
catalogue about the project wednesday meatloafday
“Openbare Werken”, Ruigoord, exhibition catalogue
“ELF magazine”, theme magazine “Captiviating vermin”, edition about installation at “Openbare Werken”, Ruigoord
“Cultuurnet”, article about artist in residence project in Meetfactory, Prague
“Springlevend” Cefina jubileum magazine,
1 page photo
“Lftfld”, magazine,
2 times interview and photos work
“Tablet”, art magazine,
several times publications of drawings based on a theme
“Dagblad van het Noorden”, newspaper,
article and picture on exhibition The Seven Sins, Borne
“Turbantia”, newspaper,
article on exhibition The Seven Sins
“Het gescheurde Doek”,radioshow, Enschede
Interview on radio show.
“Utrechts Dagblad”, newspaper,
article on exhibition [Z]onderstroom at Moira gallery, Utrecht
“Metropolis M”, art magazine
article on exhibition [Z]onderstroom at gallery Moira, Utrecht
“Agenda van verlangen”, art agenda
1 page picture of installation

Other activities

“Tablet”, art magazine
founding and editorial.
“Bladenbal”, “Chiellerie” and “art parties” at De Kring, Amsterdam
Props-assistant for musicals and plays like “Griezelbus”, “Jongens van Bontekoe”, “Pietje Bel” a.o.
De Nederlandse Opera, Amsterdam
dresser for opera’s.
“La Poupet”, leading part in movie by Stuart Ireson.
Acting in 2 movies by Edward Luyken shown on International Film Festival Rotterdam.
Artteacher , Atlantis, IJburg, Amsterdam.
“Zwaar Water”, design agency, Amsterdam
constructing new office.
“Panorama IJburg”, Java eiland, Amsterdam
working on building art installation by Henk Rijsinga.
“Mercurius”,restaurant, Amsterdam
designing and making installations for the roooms